Commit 6e2250df authored by Matt Clarkson's avatar Matt Clarkson

Issue #5359: Update to URL to pick sources only tarball.

parent f36966c5
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ if(MITK_USE_Qt4 OR MITK_USE_Qt5)
# Note: If the CTK version changes, then you either clear the plugin cache
# or change the deploy path by changing the patch level.
set(version "910cec7415")
set(location "${NIFTK_EP_TARBALL_LOCATION}/NifTK-CTK-${version}.tar.gz")
set(location "${NIFTK_EP_TARBALL_LOCATION}/NifTK-CTK-${version}-sources.tar.gz")
set(depends VTK ITK DCMTK)
list(APPEND depends Python)
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