Commit 8c870f48 authored by Michele Bosi's avatar Michele Bosi

Vivid: flip image to reflect MITK conventions

parent cb3cb408
......@@ -1136,9 +1136,9 @@ void VividRenderer::renderBackgroundImage( Camera* camera ) {
ArrayFloat2* bgq_vert2 = mBackgroundQuad->vertexArray()->as<ArrayFloat2>();
const GLfloat vertices[] = {
-bg_hw, -bg_hh,
+bg_hw, -bg_hh,
+bg_hw, +bg_hh,
-bg_hw, +bg_hh,
+bg_hw, +bg_hh,
+bg_hw, -bg_hh,
memcpy( bgq_vert2->ptr(), vertices, bgq_vert2->bytesUsed() );
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