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# performance_analysis
This software/script calculates all the following important performance metrics:
- Dice Similarity Index (SI)
- Sensitivity
- Precision
- Specificity
- Jaccardindex
- Conformity
- HausdorffDistance
- Overlapcoefficient
- Tanimotocoefficient
- Matthewscorrelationcoefficient
- Accuracy
- Voxel-level False Discovery Rate (FDR)
- Voxel-level False Negative Ratio (FNR)
- Cluster-level FDR
- Cluster-level FNR
- Detection Error Rate (DER)
- Outline Error Rate (OER)
- Mean Total Area (MTA)
- Volume of segmentation
- Volume of manual mask
Use one of the following methods to run the program:
(1) Using shell script file "" which can be run by the Unix shell
- chmod 755
- ./ <lesionmask> <threshold> <manualmask> <foldershortname> <modelname> <distancefunction> <factor> <symmetry> <weight> <p_norm> <saveoutput>
- bash <lesionmask> <threshold> <manualmask> <foldershortname> <modelname> <distancefunction> <factor> <symmetry> <weight> <p_norm> <saveoutput>
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