Commit 8ad47121 authored by Pankaj Daga's avatar Pankaj Daga

Fix broken build on windows. Typecast argument to floor call to resolve ambiguity issue.

parent 4751845b
......@@ -367,8 +367,8 @@ void reg_getVoxelBasedNMIGradientUsingPW4( nifti_image *targetImage,
// if 64 bins are used the histogram will have 68 bins et the image will be between 2 and 65
targetValue = (TargetTYPE)floor(targetValue);
resultValue = (ResultTYPE)floor(resultValue);
targetValue = (TargetTYPE)floor((double)targetValue);
resultValue = (ResultTYPE)floor((double)resultValue);
PrecisionTYPE resDeriv[3];
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