Commit a396a1b0 authored by Ivor Simpson's avatar Ivor Simpson

Relaxed the conditions on the minimum values of a DTI diagonal component to be...

Relaxed the conditions on the minimum values of a DTI diagonal component to be considered junk to account for different scalings of the tensor field.
parent 67a69a77
......@@ -97,7 +97,8 @@ void reg_dti_resampling_preprocessing(nifti_image *floatingImage,
for(floatingIndex=0; floatingIndex<floatingVoxelNumber; ++floatingIndex)
if(floatingIntensityXX[floatingIndex] > 1e-2)
// Check that the tensor component is not extremely small or extremely large
if((floatingIntensityXX[floatingIndex] > 1e-10) && (floatingIntensityXX[floatingIndex] < 1e10))
// Fill a mat44 with the tensor components
......@@ -123,11 +124,14 @@ void reg_dti_resampling_preprocessing(nifti_image *floatingImage,
floatingIntensityYZ[floatingIndex] = static_cast<DTYPE>(diffTensor.m[1][2]);
floatingIntensityZZ[floatingIndex] = static_cast<DTYPE>(diffTensor.m[2][2]);
else // if junk diffusion data, log it
else // if junk diffusion data, set the diagonal to log the minimum value
floatingIntensityXX[floatingIndex] = static_cast<DTYPE>(-4.606f);
floatingIntensityYY[floatingIndex] = static_cast<DTYPE>(-4.606f);
floatingIntensityZZ[floatingIndex] = static_cast<DTYPE>(-4.606f);
floatingIntensityXX[floatingIndex] = static_cast<DTYPE>(-23.02585f);
floatingIntensityYY[floatingIndex] = static_cast<DTYPE>(-23.02585f);
floatingIntensityZZ[floatingIndex] = static_cast<DTYPE>(-23.02585f);
floatingIntensityXY[floatingIndex] = static_cast<DTYPE>(0.0f);
floatingIntensityXZ[floatingIndex] = static_cast<DTYPE>(0.0f);
floatingIntensityYZ[floatingIndex] = static_cast<DTYPE>(0.0f);
#ifndef NDEBUG
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